Odah Rafei Alfaidi Company Ltd.
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Initially we used to construct buildings for government on contract for multiple years.0n 1991; the supplies from other companies for these constructions played a key role in bringing (the name of the company) in existence. We began to import renovation supplies including electrical & lighting, sanitary ware & building materials etc. (FAYDCO) has gradually developed and became publicly traded company. This company is rating in one of the global importer of unique home other building furnishing companies. We are the (nation's) largest home improvement specialty retailer with 17 branches nationwide.
We are certainly proud of our success .we are most energized by the many things that remain for us to achieve and are committed to accomplish even more.
Our image is quirky .From our iconic logo to our signature red tile floors all our branches offer unique experience .it is the mile of bazaar the expected and unexpected
we encourage you to continue to visit our website for the latest information regarding our strategy and process .
Thank you for your interest in the (FAYDCO) we wish you every success
Managing Director

Salem Alfaidi